Kiwi Discovery Ltd has been around since 1997, having started from a single small duty-free store. We now hire 80+ mostly full time staff across multiple stores all based at Auckland Airport. Our head office is located at the international terminal.

As an airport retailer, our employees will meet people from all around the world. We have a diverse workplace and many of our staff speak two or more languages to cater to international customers.

We hold all our employees to highest standards, but also work hard to make the work environment rewarding and enjoyable. In the past we’ve sent staff to attend conferences and research trips to places like Queenstown, Australia, China, Japan, USA, Tahiti, just to name a few. We’re constantly looking at creative ways to look after the right people.

We have low turnover amongst our staff. Many members of our team have been with us 5-10+ years and have built their careers with us.

If you were working in our sales, customer service, or kitchen team, here are some of the things you can expect:

•    A competitive hourly rate, plus bonus

•    Extra pay for early morning or late night shifts

•    Fully paid training

•    Merchandise discounts on a wide range of products

•    Staff car park and uniform

•    Subsidised/free staff meals

•    Ongoing training and promotion opportunities

Job vacancies


Want to find out more about employment opportunities or submit your interest? Email our Human Resources department at

We require applicants to be in Auckland for the interview process. Candidates that progress may be required to undergo security checks.